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Adorable Goats To Clear Brush in Potrero Hill

Starting October 28 watch goats’ weeklong meal of invasive weed on a hillside in SF
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About a dozen goats will arrive at the outskirts of the Potrero Hill Community Garden to start their weeklong meal of invasive weeds. The goats, from City Grazing, are adept at navigating hilly or unstable ground that human workers cannot safely access.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has rented the goats as a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to invasive plants and vines on the rugged hillside to the north of the Community Garden.

They are expected to graze for approximately one week. SF Rec and Parks will bring them back several times over the next year for long-term weed control, then seed the hillside with pollinator plants to outcompete the invasive species.

WHEN: Goats will arrive today (Monday, Oct. 28, 2019) at approximately 3 p.m. It will take approximately one week for them to clear the area.

WHERE: Potrero Hill Community Garden, 780 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco

NOTE: All City Grazing goats are either rescue goats that needed homes or retired dairy goats. The public is invited to watch them work, but please do not feed them through the fence (many foods are toxic for them!)

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