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Check Out the Castro’s Brand New Harvey Milk Mural

Look who came out in the Castro this week… it’s Harvey Milk!
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Look who now greets everyone at Castro and Market!

As long as you can get past the fact that this mural is basically a big ad for Stoli Vodka, this is a pretty cool new addition to the Castro that popped up this week.

In celebration of Harvey Milk Day 2018, a new mural by Paraguayan artist Oz Montania was dedicated. This colorful mural of Milk with a rainbow behind him and holding a megaphone with the words “Hope Will Never Be Silent.

Where is the Mural: On the wall of The Cafe at 17th and Castro – Right above Subway and next to the Chevron Station.

In addition to the mural, Stoli also features the artwork one of their new bottles.

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