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East Bay’s Free Mini Take-Home Art Gallery

Like the little free libraries, but for art
By - posted 2/2/2021 No Comment

Over in the East Bay, Concord’s aRt Cottage just debuted their brand new Free Mini Art Gallery. Best of all, the art is yours to take home.

It’s kind of like the little free libraries you may have seen before, but this time it’s for art. The Concord Art Association members will help keep the gallery stocked with art, but anyone is welcome to leave their own creation behind for someone else to enjoy and take home, if they like. They’re just spreading a little joy and offering a random act of kindness to the community.

You’re welcome to stop by to browse the art, or take home a piece. While there, you can pop into the aRt Cottage as well, which is a local art gallery inside a cute little house.