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How to Hitch a Ride to Burning Man

Plan your journey to the playa by organizing a ride through a new service called Burning Man Rides.
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In spirit of “communal effort” (not to mention saving cash), plan your journey to the playa by organizing a ride to Black Rock Desert through a new service called Burning Man Rides.

Most people headed to the festival tend to ride-share, but it’s a huge logistical challenge finding someone going from your city at the right time.

Burning Man Rides aims to solve that problem by matching you up with drivers and other ride-seekers, so that you can save money and gas, all while swapping crazy stories with a new group of friends.

The site is free to join, though most drivers will ask passengers to share the gas costs, and if it’s a really nice ride (like a big RV), they may ask for a bit more in exchange for cruising in style.

Hell, they’ve even had a posting to hitch a ride aboard a plane. (sorry, that ride is already full!). But don’t worry, there’s plenty more rides to choose from. As of Wednesday, the site has 133 rides posted in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose.

And even though it may get expensive with gas, it’s still probably a lot cheaper than plane tickets or driving solo, so book your seat soon and buckle up to begin what will undoubtedly be one of the craziest weeks of your life.

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