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Sadly, SF’s Hemlock Tavern is Closing in October

Polk Street dive says goodbye with a final 17th anniversary bash on October 6th
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Unfortunately another concert venue and neighborhood dive will be biting the dust. Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St.) is closing having been recently sold and current plans are to demolish the building and build 54-unit mixed-use condominium building in its place.

But there’s one final bash left… They will be operating as usual and featuring a full schedule of live music from now through Sept. 30th, 2018. They will close for good following their 17th anniversary party on Saturday, October 6th.

The Final Hemlock Events Calendar

  • 8.24 – Hightower, Slashers (NYC), Frisco (ex-Hank IV, Acid King)
  • 8.30 – Rays, Honey Radar (Philly), The Love-Birds, April Magazine
  • 9.1 – Buzzmutt, Coywolf
  • 9.2 – Eternal Drag
  • 9.7 – Apache, So What, Shades
  • 9.8 – Reds, Pinks & Purples, See Night, RIP Flowers
  • 9.12 – Wham City (Adult Swim, IFC)
  • 9.14 – Green Druid (Earache), Lowcaster, Callows
  • 9.15 – Tashi Dorji, Bill Orcutt, Lo Conocen, VOL.
  • 9.22 – Andy Human and the Reptoids, Glowing Brain, Nadu (LA), Rip Room
  • 9.25 – Legendary Stardust Cowboy
  • 9.28 – Wax Idols, Mane

Goodbye, old friend!