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SF’s Taxi Rates are Going up 18%

Taximeter rates go up for the first time in 11 years
By - posted 11/16/2022 No Comment

San Francisco’s new taxi meter rates just went into effect, providing a much-needed increase for taxi drivers. After extensive outreach, the SFMTA board passed an 18% increase in the taximeter rates – the first increase in 11 years. During this time, the cost of living in the Bay Area has risen considerably.

  • 45% increase in the cost of everyday items
  • 50% increase in the cost of transportation
  • 82% peak increase in the cost of gasoline.

The new rates listed below will support an industry that is an integral part of our transportation system, especially for SF’s paratransit program.

The new rates went into effect on Thursday, November 17:

  • First one-fifth mile of flag rate is $4.15
  • Each additional one-fifth mile or fraction thereof is $0.65
  • Each minute of waiting or traffic time delay is $0.65
  • SFO pick-up fee is unchanged at $5.50

For more information on the current structure of taxi fares, please visit Taxi Fares. Read more at SFMTA