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SF’s “I’ll Walk With You” Neighborhood Buddy Program

In response to attacks on our Asian community, a new Walking Buddy program has launched
By - posted 3/26/2021 No Comment

Thanks to Broke-Ass Stuart for sharing about San Francisco’s new walking buddy program that’s launched recently in response to the brutal attacks on the Asian American community.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a Walking Buddy, or if you’d like to be matched with a Walking Buddy, fill out the online form. On the questionnaire, you can select if you’d like the walks to be done in silence or if you’d enjoy to chat. You’ll also select what languages you speak, your availability, and what neighborhoods you’d like to walk in.

The new program, “I’ll Walk With You – San Francisco”‘s founder, Monica, writes:

“Dadaji, my grandfather, used to love to take walks and often walked alone. I also love taking walks- particularly alone. It is grounding. It is peaceful. It is meditative. It is self-care. I have been thinking a lot about Dadaji these days when I see the horrific news of elderly Asian men & women being attacked for merely leaving their homes. It pains me to think of these bastions of life wisdom and experience ever second guessing if they are safe in their daily meditation and grounding and just errands. With this on my heart, I am organizing “I’ll Walk With You” to support our neighbors who may feel nervous taking a walk to the store, around the block, etc. This does not have to be about a social hour, just someone that can walk a few steps behind to “be there” – or maybe it will be the seeds of a new friendship! We don’t need beefcake bodyguards. These attackers are cowards who target elderly people alone who seem like easy targets. We just need neighbors who are present and allies.

With love,

If you are interested in having a walking buddy or volunteering as a walking buddy (or both!) please complete the form. Walkers do not need to be old/vulnerable/ill or fit a specific demographic. Buddies do not need to be trained bodyguards ;). We want to establish safety and support independence for members of our city/community in this time that can feel upsetting and volatile…and can truly be dangerous for those targeted. By completing the form, you agree that a Walker or Walking Buddy may contact you directly.”