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Stunning Sunrises for the Weekend Warrior

Local photographer catches SF sunrises, so you don’t have to.
By - posted 9/12/2016 No Comment

Ever thought of starting the day watching the sun come up, but can’t? You either hate mornings or just can’t seem to wake up on time (like me)? Well, the SF Gent graciously took that matter into his own hands so none of you have to get up early to see them for yourself. You’re welcome.

Topher Gentry (The SF Gent), a talented, Bay Area photographer recently posted some photos of magical looking sunrises that’ll have you captivated. Not only does he showcase his talent, he also gives photography tips on how to capture that SF sunrise for yourself. You know, things like where to set up and how to track the weather leading up to what could be an awe-inspiring start to the morning. This guy’s a pro.

Like my grandad used to say, “Start the day with a big ‘Hello’ to the sun, and your day will be quite fun!”  Well, that and my favorite cup of joe — so go chase the sun, but first, coffee.