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GG Bridge’s Historic Round House Will Reopen As Equator Coffees Cafe

The cafe set in the iconic art deco building with nearly 360 degree views, will offer a full menu
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The historic Round House Cafe at the Golden Gate Bridge will reopen at Equator Coffees‘ newest cafe, offering nearly 360 degree views.

With a spectacular vantage point of the Golden Gate Bridge, the gateway connecting the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay, the Round House Cafe will soon be Equator Coffees’ newest retail location.

As part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, often the most visited site in the National Park system, this Art Deco perch with a near-360 degree view allows visitors to take in everything the Golden Gate Bridge has to offer.

The Round House Cafe is an art deco building, designed by Swedish architect Alfred Finnilia. It was built in 1938, one year after the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was completed. It’s completed round in shape, offering spectacular views. Equator Coffees will offer a full menu with food and drinks including Guittard hot chocolate, plus soups, salads, breakfast burritos and more. It’s located at Golden Gate Bridge Plaza, south end of Golden Gate Bridge.

“Operating storefronts immersed within public lands aligns closely with our reverence for and focus on quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Our 25+ year commitment to partners at every link in the supply chain is recognized by becoming the first coffee company in California to obtain B-Corp certification. We support sustainable farming practices, projects that improve the quality of life in local and global communities and were an early adopter of cleaner & more efficient roasting processes, helping to lower emissions and energy use, at our San Rafael, CA roasting facility. Our latest location at the Golden Gate Bridge is a homecoming for us, as a heritage brand in the evolution of coffee culture on the West Coast and beyond.”

“Making people’s lives better through coffee informs every connection we make, from farmer to roaster to the barista preparing your cup, to you as a consumer and the communities that our cafes inhabit – we call it The Chain of Well-Being,” says Helen Russell, Co-founder of Equator Coffees. “The Golden Gate Bridge represents who we are as a people and as a country – our community coming together to imagine and construct what was thought to be impossible. The Round House Cafe will be a new point of pride for our farmer partners. Locals from across the Bay Area to visitors from across the world will have a chance to savor delicious roasts and flavor profiles in ethically sourced and produced cups of coffee.”

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